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Welcome to PG4U!

The aim of this site is to tell you about the history of my home town, Port Glasgow and its buildings and people.
Next to Greenock and over looking the River Clyde with its wonderful views the photo galleries will guide you through the past and into the present .

See the large homes that were built for wealthy ship owners like the Lithgow and Birkmyre family and how they are being used today. Find out about people who made a diffrence to the town and where your street name came from.
The site has been going for many years now and the information has been added to and amended as time has past. Hopefully you will find something of interest but if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to contact me.

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Read what other people have to say about the Port' or submit your own thoughts by adding your photographs and memories to these pages.
A history of Port Glasgow
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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Re-published in 2014 In memory of Mr John McGarrigle 1943-2013